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Travel Shoes

  • Why you will love our shoes?

    Made from natural materials - Coconut Coir, Natural Latex, Merino Wool and Bamboo. Lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. Flexible, Breathable, Durable and Supportive to handle the rigors of travel. Stay fresh for hours with features like anti-bacterial, anti-odor and stain resistant.
  • What are the shoes made from?

    Our shoes are made from natural materials - Coconut Coir, Natural Latex, Merino Wool and Bamboo. Coconut Coir midsole makes the shoes extremely light and comfortable. All-natural Latex insole is bouncy and cushiony like a premium latex mattress. Australian Merino Wool liner with its antibacterial...
  • Are the Travel Shoes machine washable?

    Our Loungy and Breezy shoes are machines washable on a gentle cycle, but remove the insoles and laces before putting them for a wash. Air-dry only. Use mild detergent. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Dressy shoes are not machine washable. But the stain and water-resistant treated bamboo fabric makes...
  • Will the shoes need to be continually sprayed/treated over time? (will the water resistant ability deteriorate over time?)

    Teflon Fabric Protector is known to be the best type of water and stain-resistant coating in the textile industry, so we believe our shoe's ability to repel water and stains will last fairly long. Our shoes can be treated with DWR sprays for those purposes but that will be necessary for the user ...
  • What is the difference between your water-resistant shoes to other competitors 100% waterproof technology?

    All of our shoe styles are water-resistant because of the Teflon Fabric Protector treatment done on the upper bamboo fabric, which doesn't compromise on the breathability of the shoes. Other shoe brands that use 100% water-proof fabric have a membrane, an additional layer, inside their fabric whi...
  • Are your shoes waterproof?

    Our shoes are water-resistant, not waterproof. Waterproof fabrics are less breathable. The upper fabric of our shoes, which is made from bamboo, has been treated with Teflon Fabric Protector, which is known to be the best type of water and stain-resistant coating in the textile industry, so we be...
  • What is the difference between the breezy and the loungy shoes? Are both breathable?

    The fabrics are different for both styles. Breezy shoes are made from knit fabric and Loungy and Dressy shoes are made from woven fabric. Both our fabric types - woven as well as knit - are breathable, but knit (breezy) has the highest breathability. The outsoles are different too. Our Breezy sho...
  • Does the loungy and breezy shoes have thicker soles than the dressy shoes?

    All 3 styles come with a latex insole which is the key to our shoes being bouncy and cushiony. Our Breezy shoes have the thickest outsole as well as insole, followed by loungy, followed by dressy. To get maximum shock absorption, cushion and pep in your step, we recommend our Breezy shoes.
  • Are your shoes available in a wide fit?

    Currently, we are not offering wide size/half size jumps. You could consider going a size up or down depending on how you like the fit. In case the shoes still don’t fit you, you can exchange or return them within 30 days.
  • Do you have half sizes?

    No, we are not offering half-size jumps. In case you are between sizes then we recommend you to size up if you want a relaxed fit or size down for a snug fit.
  • I usually wear narrow width shoes. Will your shoes fit me?

    Our dressy shoes are narrower than the loungy and breezy. You can try that style. But if your feet are too narrow and you find shoes from other brands too wide then perhaps our shoes will also give you the same result.
  • I have a flat feet. Will your shoes suit me?

    For customers with flat-feet we recommend going for the Breezy style. They have high arches as compared to our other styles
  • Are your shoes good for workouts?

    We recommend our Breezy shoes for light to moderate workouts as they have the thickest outsole.
  • Can I wash the insoles of my shoes?

    You can wash the insoles but do not machine wash them.  Use only as much soap as you need to wash. You can either use your fingers or a gentle toothbrush to work the soap into the insole. Ensure nothing harsh is used as it will remove the layer of wool. Air dry the insoles once you have rinsed th...
  • Can I replace the insoles with my orthotics?

    Yes, the insoles can be removed from all our shoe styles but we recommend against removing them because our insoles offer amazing features because they are made from natural latex with merino wool lining on top. The natural latex insoles are designed to give you a bouncy and cushiony effect with ...
  • How supportive are the insoles and soles in general?

    Our EVA+Rubber outsoles are super grippy. And the latex insoles are extremely bouncy and cushiony. They make you feel like having a pep in every step.
  • How thick are the rubber insoles - at the heel and the toe?

    The thickness of rubber insoles will be roughly 3mm towards the tow and 5-6mm towards the heel. This thickness will vary a bit for each shoe style and size.
  • Can you share more info on the soles and thickness of the dressy shoes, please?

    All our dressy shoe outsoles - for both men and women's styles - are made of TPR material which has a decent proportion of rubber in it, which makes it quite grippy and durable. The outsole thickness for men's dressy shoes is around 5mm. Women's dressy shoes have a bit of slope in the outsole thr...
  • I am allergic to latex.Is the latex insole covered to prevent contact with skin?

    Though our latex insole is covered with Merino wool lining, we cannot recommend our shoes to people allergic to latex.
  • How tall is the heel on the Women's dressy shoe?

    The heel height in our women’s Dressy-Heels shoe is 1 inch. The Women's Dressy-Flats, of course, do not have heels but they do have a quarter-inch elevation towards the heel area.