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What is the difference between your water-resistant shoes to other competitors 100% waterproof technology?

All of our shoe styles are water-resistant because of the Teflon Fabric Protector treatment done on the upper bamboo fabric, which doesn't compromise on the breathability of the shoes. Other shoe brands that use 100% water-proof fabric have a membrane, an additional layer, inside their fabric which blocks water penetration better than our shoes but that membrane in those shoes reduces breathability which increases heat inside the shoe making your feet sweat a lot. Also, those 100% water-proof shoes have too much elastane content in their fabrics and they fit extremely tight on the feet, making them hurt and swell while traveling. Hence, while designing our shoes, we avoided the use of those synthetic 100% water-proof fabrics, and decided to go for a fabric made from natural materials such as Bamboo, which is very cool and soft to the skin. Also, those 100% water-proof shoes don't stop the water from entering inside from the mouth of the shoes, so the benefits that those shoes offer are far inferior than the benefits our shoes offer.

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